Finding Host families in Taiwan

Hosting an outsider is a totally new concept in Taiwan, not to mention foreigner. See how this housing platform begun.


Hosting guests from different backgrounds has been for long a part of life for Europeans. On the other hand, living into a host family is also a common thing in many European countries. However, to open the door of local Taiwanese families really takes lots of efforts and time.

Recruiting host families started from a workshop

The benefits of cross-cultural living style were deployed to initiate the first step to our goal. Yes, we held a workshop with many local families to talk about the advantages for their kids if they have a foreign guest home. And it worked well.


Visiting potential host families

Although the doors of many families had been opened, it is also very important to scrutinize those families by visiting them in person. Through the process, we did collect many quality families with good accommodation and welcoming heart.


Matching the suitable families for expats

Most of the local families don’t speak English very fluently. We help translating the online meeting between the families and foreigners. In the meeting, we go through the house rules and the contract to make sure both parties satisfied with the matching. It’s always very encouraging to make a good match.


All lead to this cross-cultural housing platform

After running this homestay program for 2 years, we feel very proudly to contribute all our experiences and know-hows on building up an online platform for expats housing in Taiwan.

Not only family accommodation, you can either find a regular studio in Taiwan or even use our innovative function – STAY WISH. In the Tenants’ Wishing Well, you can state your accommodation needs to the landlords or team up with nearby housing seekers by posting a STAY WISH. Later a full article over this topic will be posted.

All in all, we are confidant can help expats with all kinds of housing requirements. It’s perfectly designed to fulfill the goal of cross-cultural housing in Taiwan. Good luck and have fun in Taiwan.

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