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On, we offer an innovative way to find apartments, studios, host families and even roommates in Taipei or cities in Taiwan. Just post your accommodation wish in the right place. Really fun and easy!

Post your accommodation wish like Jose from Guatemala
Jose from Guatemala made his stay wish on Tenants’ Wishing Well

Tenant’s Wishing Well – Finding roommates fast in Taiwan

Tenants’ Wishing Well is a page every housing seeker can make their own wish of stay. For finding the best place, you must clearly state your conditions, like the exact position, budget and length of stay. Most important of all, you have to let the host know some things about you, like your background, lifestyle and hobbies.

Once you finish posting it, you are at the best position to get touched by the promising hosts. While waiting for the hosts, there’s one magic you can do in the Tenants’ Wishing Well – team up with nearby housing seekers.

Team up with nearby house-seeking in Taiwan
Team up with nearby house-seeker

Rental Teamup creates Cross-Culture Housing in Taiwan

Yes, it’s the best part of Team up with anyone you like! You can team up with locals to help you with all the tricky and lengthy process with the house hunting in Taiwan. Or, you can make a team of international friends for a share house to make it an cross-culture house in Taiwan.

Refer to the rules below and then start posting your STAY WISH  click here

Rules for using Tenant’s Wishing Well
1 For the 1st teamup invitation, you cannot send out the 2nd invitation before getting answered or it expires in 48 hours.
2 If you get teamup invitation, you cannot receive or send another teamup invitation before you answer it or it expires in 48 hours.
3 If your teamup invitation gets accepted, you are the team leader who can send out 5 invitations at most.
4 If you accept an invitation, you are the team member who can not send invitation or apply for a housing before you terminate the teamup status.