Expat housing in Taiwan is always a big problem due to the language barrier and the lack of proper housing services. Most expats have to stay in a hostel for 2-3 weeks upon arrival just for finding a housing in Taiwan, which is always not an easy task without the help of a local Taiwanese friend because the unfamiliar house rental rules might put foreigners in a vulnerable position.

Since 2014, we’ve been helping foreign students live into local host families. Meanwhile, we have also visited countless local families that are willing to host foreign students. Finding an ideal place (flat, condo, townhouse or even host family) helps pave the first step to enjoy the amazing life in Taiwan.

Taiwan possesses amazing diversities in its culture, languages, food, biology and geology. Energetic nocturnal entertainments and 24H eating culture crown Taiwan as an island that never sleeps. iMMERSTAY hopes to make Taiwan known to the world by helping expats settle down in a “sans souci” place. On immerstay.com, we put all the housing listings into 3 catalogues.

Note: if you don’t see ideal rental listings, you can even post your stay wish in Tenants’ Wishing Well. You can team up with nearby housing seekers and also make nice landlords or local families contact you.

Share House
Share house is defined to have some common spaces for housemates to lay back and chill out together at home. Such spaces can be kitchen, living room, lounge, rooftop or private garden depending on the housing styles. You can interact with housemates from all over the world or local Taiwanese. Living in a share house is a good lifestyle either to keep connected with the new environment or maximize your living zone in Taiwan.

【Private Room】
If you plan to be very focused on your study or working without being disturbed home, private room fits your wish. It’s defined to have no any common space outsides the room. You may or may not have your own bathroom, but there must be a lockable door to your room. Many landlords in Taiwan partition the whole floor or building into many independent studios. Such kind of room is also defined as private room.

【Host Family】
Living with a host family in Taiwan can give you a whole Chinese speaking environment, a fun taste of cultural immersion and quick guidance into the local life. By living with a local family, you can live really like a local and brew the sense of the versatile cultures in Taiwan. Language is just a part of culture so you will learn the Chinese languages much faster if you have a deeper insight of the culture.


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