Erliao Sunrise (二寮日出)

When it comes to sunrise in Taiwan, Alisan might be the best known. However, a rural site in Tainan has recently been stealing the thunder from Alisan. It’s Erliao (二寮) Tainan.

Time: AM 4:00 – AM 6:00 (Depending on the seasons)
Address: Village Erliao, Tainan City
Traffic: Only available with cars or scooters in the early morning. Foreigners are recommended to visit with local friends or tour guides.

The best timing to see the sunrise in Erliao is spring. Erliao is a mountain village, which stands close to the Central Mountain Range (中央山脈). Plus the special landscapes of moon world, bald surface mountains resembling the moon surface, help gather clouds inside to reflect special light effects from the sunrise. Numerous cloud layers plus morning sunlight create a spectacular scene of stunning show of fancy sunlight and misty clouds.